Krishen Iyer Fresno Insurance – A New Direction in the Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Krishen Iyer Fresno is a new company that has been launched by entrepreneur Sameer Bagher. This new company is part of the portfolio of Bagher’s wealth. Earlier he was associated with Zebekiu and also had some successful ventures in property. With the help of this new company he is able to target the middle market.

The idea behind this new company is based on LinkedIn. Many people are not aware of link building in the earlier days and that’s the main reason why there was so much focus on social media. Now that there is some emphasis on LinkedIn and twitter, there is some innovative new thing happening with Krishen Iyer Fresno. This new company has integrated the concept of linkedin leads with a lead generation strategy. So rather than sending someone on a generic list or mass email, they will be sent a specialized one. They will be sent on a specific action required by the company.

At present times when you have so many insurance companies that sell insurance, you need to find some fresh blood. Many of the established players have merged and there is nothing new in their business. Instead of fighting with them over customer’s minds, it makes sense to partner with them and use their lead generation platform to promote krishen iyer Fresno. Since the CEO has so many properties that sell insurance, the chance of getting a client through him is very high.

Also since he has so much experience with linkedin and Twitter, he can make sure that his customers get immediate response. In fact as soon as the client is ready to buy, he can directly send an email to the linkedin audience and start promoting krishen iyer Fresno through them. The link in the email should lead to the official website of krishen iyer. This way the potential customer will have immediate access to the products and services offered by the company.

After building the strong foundation, risen iyer Fresno insurance company took the next step by building a strong Sales Performance Index (SPI). The goal was to improve the sales performance of company products and services. The index is based on various indicators like testimonials, referrals and social media. The key performance indicator for ceo is the percentage of sales that come from referrals, followed by testimonials, followed by social media and referrals. In order to track the success of this initiative, risen iyer started using some cool tools that are available in the quick link marketing tool. Click here for more details about krishen iyer fresno

Since LinkedIn is used extensively in the search engine optimization (SEO) world, risen iyer was able to leverage the power of the popular social network. Using the “whoismatic” process, yet ensured that only his profile was linked to from other people’s profiles. With the help of quick link marketing tool, internet business owners will be able to build their brand presence and increase the number of visitors to their sites.

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