Boo Ford Escape – More Fun With A Truck That Can Play Off The Bad Weather

A Boo Ford Escape is a great toy for any child. They are small and light weight, so they are easy to carry around. The small size makes them easy to move around with too. I am not sure how many times a kid gets excited about the idea of running away from home and this just happens to be one of the most fun ways to do it. I think that it is the sheer enthusiasm of the character itself that gets them going. Click here for more details about бу форд эскейп

The Escape comes in two different sizes, a small red truck and a large red truck. Both have small working doors on the side which can be opened and closed, allowing you to push the toy truck around. When the door is open, the Escape will slide out of the front and drive itself around. The truck is quite sturdy for its size, but it cannot fit into small spaces around a lot of other toys, which makes it safer than many other toy trucks.

The truck has headlights, horns, lights, and a sound that sounds like an old-fashioned answering machine. It also comes with three interchangeable jumpers that have wheels. These give the toy ample room to move around.

The truck is painted in a camouflage color that will help it blend into your yard, so it will not look like it is there! That is just one of the neat things about this toy. There is also a cup holder on the side, so your kids will have a nice place to eat when the excitement takes over!

This toy is well made. There are no loose screws or anything like that. The plastic is thick and sturdy. The truck has three point locks that make it safe for your child to play with in the yard. It folds up nicely, so you can take it where ever you need to go, even to grandma’s house!

I think the Escape is a great idea for a family fun day out. I don’t think any of the Boo Ford toy sets will get damaged because of the weather, unless there is a very strong storm. But if the sky is on fire, no worries! Play safe with this toy truck and enjoy lots of great company along the way!

When the weather is bad, you can store this in the back of your truck. Then, you can stack it up against the bed or even on the floor if it is small enough. The lid simply snaps on and off to lock it up in place. This toy is a fantastic solution for keeping kids entertained during those long, gloomy winter days. Play it with them during the day to get them to relax, but lock the door to keep the bugs away!

So, what should you buy to accompany this truck? You can buy a ready-to-run set of tires that are just like the ones found on the real Boo Ford! This is an awesome set that is going to get a lot of use. And, you can even buy a couple of the Escape’s parts to expand your toy storage set. There are many options when it comes to adding to your arsenal of vehicles.

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