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One of the most popular international foods is Indian foods. Many exotic, spicy and delicious Indian dishes have been popular around the globe. From India, Spain, Greece and Peru to the Phillippines, Japan and Pakistan, people have been enjoying authentic Indian food. When it comes to International foods from different countries, the South Asian country of India has a huge share in the market. With an economy that depends on the services it provides abroad, the demand for Indian foods from other countries is always high. In this article, I have listed five popular Indian foods from different countries. Click here for more details about matvarer fra forskjellige land

Thai Food: Thai food is one of the most mouth watering Indian foods from different countries. Thai food uses a variety of spices that add great taste and aroma to the food. Some of the main ingredients used in Thai food are: rice, coconut milk, chillies, garlic, onions, coriander leaves and so forth. To make a full-course meal, you can end up having: Chicken curry, rice satay, rice cooked with coconut milk, vegetables and dessert. The variety of these foods makes it very easy for people from different countries to enjoy the delicious taste of a full meal in just one sitting.

Chinese Food: Chinese food is another favorite choice for people from different countries. The exotic flavors and amazing aroma of Chinese food have made it very popular all over the world. The common food we eat at home may not be as healthy as what we get when eating out. That’s why people are now trying to include Chinese food in their diet. You can get some of the most delicious food from different countries in China such as: General Tao’s chicken, duck egg rolls, Szechwan noodles, corn balls, roasted chicken and more.

Chinese Desserts: There are so many desserts from different countries in China. Some of the most popular desserts in China are: cakes, fruit drinks, cookies, brownies, jellies, pies and so on. If you look closely, the Chinese top ten foods from different countries are also favorites in Chinese culture. It has something to do with the unique styles of preparing the dishes, just like how American Top 10 foods from different countries are prepared.

Indian Dishes: Indians are very passionate about their food. There are several cuisines in India that rank high in the delicious foods category. One of the most popular Indian dishes is: Chutneys, Rasam, Vada Pav, Mayo, Pista and the likes. There are many dishes that rank high in Indian cuisines such as: Samosas, Anjir Rolls, Pav Gold, Murg Masala and the likes.

Breads and Bakery Dishes: Bread making has been an integral part of human society since ancient times. There are several types of breads and bakery dishes available all over the world. These dishes were once popular only in small and middle class families in Europe and some parts of Asia. However, with the advent of different cultures in these areas, these dishes were modified and adapted to be more appealing to local people. In America, Chinese cuisine became popular and Chinese people started to include bread in their cuisine. Nowadays, breads and cakes are becoming popular not only in Asia but in Europe, too.

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